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The Luminous Wisdom of Introspection in the Work of Eleni Pitari-Pangalou

By Daniela Bucelli Psychotherapist

Magical, astral, or shamanic journeys? Did Eleni Pitari-Pangalou perhaps use "traces" in a particular way to access her "journeys"?

By examining the works, we perceive that she seeks artistically and symbolically her own nature, deeply understanding the connection she has with the Whole and the inner God, while simultaneously feeling her existence as a "creature" that secretly unites with the World. In this creative universe, active visualisation and daydreaming, which Carl Jung called active imagination, is evident.


In her artistic realm, Eleni Pitari-Pangalou embarks on a quest for a "spiritual centre" where her "traces—designs—journeys" manifest as a truly transformative practice. The forms she creates transcend the physical, becoming ethereal. Transparent, bodiless beings, so-called "angels" or even demons, guide the embryonic spirits towards a deeper understanding and psychic development of reality.


As observers, we are invited to participate in this subtle transition to another "space-time", where phylogenetic evolution is visibly repeated, from primordial forms of life: womb-vulva, water, fish, dragonfly. This transformative journey is both inspiring and thought-provoking.

The eternal return of the cell from the microcosm to the macrocosm. Regarding the value of light in Eleni Pitari-Pangalou's artistic work, we can say, as Frank Ostaseski did: "We are nothing but the compressed light of vanished stars".

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